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RSI’s Revenue Premier is a fully integrated, highly efficient, and specialized technical system designed specifically for the Tax and Revenue industry.

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Designed specifically for the Tax and Revenue industry, RSI’s Revenue Premier Solution provides an integrated, highly functional, and advanced technical solution to support tax agencies at any level. Revenue Premier comprises four primary modules: Integrated Tax Processor, Collections Manager, Portfolio Warehouse, and Audit Manager.

With an open technical design built using modern architecture principles, Revenue Premier gives customers unparalleled flexibility to integrate with other products and support a variety of technical infrastructure options. It also gives them full access and control over their data. Combined with the continuous and engaged support of RSI’s team, we’re the best trusted partner to help you solve any revenue related challenge with ease, confidence, and high-quality results.

Key Features


Revenue Premier is available as both a secure, public Government Cloud or an on-premises solution, allowing you to select the option that best fits your organization’s needs.


Our modern tax processing and collection platform uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to provide flexibility and scalability for your organization.


Revenue Premier provides multiple ways for users to interact with the services as part of the out-of-box solution. This flexible interface maximizes the user experience for taxpayers.


Revenue Premier conforms to strict Security standards and has an advanced framework based on roles and tasks to handle complex sets of users and permissions.


Our Business Rules Engine (BRE) uses a comprehensive rules and workflow orchestration framework to provide ease and flexibility in managing your tax policies and business logic.


With Revenue Premier, you have full access to your data—along with the appropriate security—for reporting and analysis when you want it. We never hold your data hostage.


Revenue Premier’s Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tool makes it easy to integrate and interface with other systems and software, both internal and external.


Portfolio Warehouse, our integrated tax compliance component, includes built-in AI rules to enforce tax compliance. Through a rule driven approach, Revenue Premier can identify tax fraud and tax offenders to help you close the tax gap.

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Industry Challenge

Our Solution

RSI’s Revenue Premier Integrated Tax Processor was designed and built with flexibility, adaptability, and agility as its core principles. Revenue Premier employs a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and open technology standards along with best-in-class technologies to facilitate change.

Revenue Premier’s four core modules integrate seamlessly with one another but can also stand alone and interact with other systems as needed. Developed on a powerful foundation of shared services, these components help to streamline your revenue management while reducing technical redundancy. They also create a modular framework by which an agency can choose features and functionalities to complement their existing systems.

Revenue Premier helps to address many challenges faced by today’s revenue agencies. For example, rather than coding Business Rules directly in an application’s code, our Business Rules Management System centralizes rule management. In this way, rules are more easily updated and modified according to your unique needs. This eases impact analysis resulting from new legislation or programs, makes it possible for non-IT personnel to change and maintain business rules, and simplifies testing by ensuring that changes are made only to the rules and not core application logic.

RSI’s Integrated Tax Processor is configurable and allows the agency to determine how best to direct work to the appropriate resources. This supports the automation of existing labor-intensive manual processes, reduces reliance on paper, and significantly streamlines overall processing.

Finally, Revenue Premier is built using an extensible database schema. This means that an agency can extend the database schema to include custom data elements. These elements can be defined at multiple levels, including entity, account, case, and license, without impacting software upgrades and maintenance. They’re also available to the Business Rules Management System, meaning that they can be reported on and included in system generated correspondence to the taxpayer.

Technical Differentiators

  • Integratable. Revenue Premier is based on the principle of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA is the leading paradigm for software development and integration, increasing the ease of data sharing, integrating disparate resources and applications, and freeing teams from vendor lock-in.

  • Extensible and Scalable. Revenue Premier allows customers to continue to improve on their system without direct assistance from RSI. Customers can meet increasing business demands without changing underlying software implementation.

  • Flexible. Our product can easily be adapted to modify business processes. Comprehensive rules and workflow orchestration framework provide flexibility in handling the business logic specific to your operations.

  • Secure. Revenue Premier conforms to strict security standards like FedRAMP, SOC2, IRS PUB 1075, and NIST 800-53. All modules have been certified on leading hardware, operating platforms, and relational databases.

  • Highly Available. Your system is always up and does not need to be taken offline to perform upgrades or run batch processes. RSI offers both cloud and on-premises delivery platforms, working with enterprise, hyper-scale cloud partners like Microsoft and Amazon.

  • Open and Upgradable. We stand behind our product and offer support as needed. However, our open architecture means that you can do what you need to integrate with new technology and are not locked in with RSI on a closed, “black box” product.

  • Modern. RSI’s software solutions use the latest protocols and best-in-class technology. Inbuilt AI rules, machine learning, and other forms of automation simplify your operations and reduce workload burdens.

The RSI Difference

  • Partnership. We believe that service starts with listening to the needs and goals of our clients and tailoring solutions to truly address your challenges. We provide ongoing feedback and open communication, so that you’re not left wondering or out of the loop.

  • Expertise. We are a team of full-time business and information systems consultants bringing to bear 25 years of experience, and a suite of software solutions dedicated exclusively to government.

  • Consulting and Change Management. Our suite of Premier Professional Services are aimed at helping your implementation go as smoothly as possible. We employ industry experts and consultants who can help you navigate the transition with as little friction and disruption as possible.

  • Industry Knowledge. RSI employs experienced team members with decades of experience in the Revenue Industry. Many have worked at or with government agencies across the United States. We come to the table with an understanding of your industry, its challenges, and what is needed for an effective solution.

  • Open Architecture. RSI designs its software so that our customers can have full, secure access and control over their data. This means that they are enabled to leverage the power of their data without having to rely on RSI.

  • Industry Leading. RSI and its team are at the forefront of implementing the latest technology into Integrated Tax Systems. This means that the solutions we deliver are designed to be long lasting and can evolve with your organization.

Modules + Add-Ons

RSI’s SOA design means that each of its components can function as a standalone solution, or work together as a powerful, integrated system. RSI also offers a host of additional add-ons and features to extend the functionality of your ITS.

Revenue Premier’s Integrated Tax Processor provides turnkey support for all of the agency’s core processing functions. It consists of: Taxpayer Portal, Channel Management, Entity Identification, Tax Processing, Taxpayer Accounting, and Revenue Accounting.

The Taxpayer Portal provides business and individuals with access to online services such as filing, chat, and account info. With robust permission levels and access rights, the portal improves customer service and reduces agency costs and workloads.

Collectors can manage their inventories more effectively with Collections Manager’s single point-of-access, which allows for easier detection of key information like addresses, taxpayer assets, and potential liable parties.

Revenue Premier’s Portfolio Warehouse is a state-of-the-art solution that synthesizes individual and business data from multiple sources, creating a portfolio view of each business and individual, and the relationships between them.

Revenue Premier’s Audit Manager helps audit managers, supervisors, and auditors complete audits with peak efficiency. Audit Manager consists of three core components: Audit Case Management, Workpapers Toolkit, and Statistical Sampler.

This toolkit helps auditors produce consistent workpapers, including time-saving analysis and data-handling functions. By implementing standardized audit result reports, agencies reduce errors and better facilitate supervisory and taxpayer reviews.

To better help agencies transition to the IRS’s MeF program, RSI has developed a software package that assures compliance, supports all tax types, and allows users to add additional tax types. MeF comprises two components: MeF Gateway and MeF Viewer.

Revenue Premier includes a state gateway component that supports Federal/State Employment Taxes (FSET) to reduce filing burden on businesses.

Using powerful tools such as data mining, ad hoc reporting, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), agencies can enhance their data analysis and reporting to increase the overall effectiveness of their compliance initiatives.

Using optical character recognition software (OCR), RSI integrates with 3rd-party systems or enlists a scanning & imaging partner to digitize paper-based taxpayer information, saving the agency time and optimizing their database management efforts.

The Statistical Sampler is a configurable utility that allows administrators to establish and maintain a set of accepted sampling parameters, confidence intervals, and other options, while maintaining consistency and decentralizing sampling functions.

Using AI and Machine Learning, AIM saves users time and generates intelligent insights through predictive and statistical models based on client specific outcomes. AIM can advise users to perform certain actions and even automate certain functions.

REVA is RSI’s ADA compliant, secure, and adaptable digital assistant that saves time for Call Center staff. Using either speech or type mode, REVA speeds up workflows with simple commands that can access specific pages or search for information.

Revenue Premier allows clients to incorporate a cashiering system, enabling agencies to accept a variety of payment methods including cash, credit, debit, and wire transfers. These features improve customer experience and simplify payment processing.

Premier Alert allows constituents to file, pay, lock accounts, and receive alerts on their mobile phones. With real-time connectivity to the Integrated Tax Processor, Premier Alert gives taxpayers a seamless user experience anywhere, anytime.

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