Premier Ingenuity Methodology (PIM)

RSI’s suite of consulting services help our clients implement new systems and facilitate change to match a fast-paced and dynamic world.

Our Approach

We believe that service starts with listening. To us, the first step of any project is to understand and discuss the needs and goals of our client. RSI’s Premier Ingenuity Methodology helps you get the most out of your modernizing project. By identifying areas for improvement and supporting you through organizational change management, we ensure that the solutions we provide you are fully implemented with as little friction as possible.

Our team of professionals have consulted for multiple state agencies and are equipped with years of industry experience. This means that they already have the deep-background necessary to accurately and quickly identify key challenges and workable solutions. Throughout the process, our team makes sure to keep you in the loop in order to guarantee that we are meeting the overall objectives and needs of your organization.

Industry Domain Knowledge

RSI consists of professionals and experts who have worked with government agencies for decades in a variety of capacities. Our team brings a unique combination of technical knowledge and domain expertise that allows us to provide solutions and consultation informed by real industry experience.

RSI provides experience and expertise for State, County, and City Revenue Agencies including revenue generation studies, revenue generation projects, strategy, project planning, project management, project implementation, and operations. RSI’s expertise cuts across multiple technology tools and platforms for software integration and custom solution development. It also includes functional expertise in tax processing, licensing, web portals, taxpayer accounting, billing, enforced collections, audit, and discovery.

RSI’s team of property tax professionals deeply understand solutions and integration across computer aided mass appraisal, billing, cashiering, accounting, and enforcement. Our team also provides expertise in supporting the software project implementation lifecycle.

RSI’s unemployment insurance experts have years of experience implementing software across unemployment insurance benefits processing and tax processing. Our team has also been engaged in projects supporting labor modernization efforts. Agencies utilize RSI’s unemployment insurance experts to develop and deliver training, develop job-aides, and assess organization performance. RSI has even helped agencies quickly prepare new call center staff to address the increased demand caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Project Execution Expertise

We harness proven methodologies refined over years of experience to provide our clients with a suite of professional services that help their businesses flourish.

RSI’s Project Management teams specialize in the skills needed to plan, staff, and manage a project. They have significant experience developing and managing project plans, project work plans, risk and issue logs. They establish and manage change control processes, gather and summarize status for executives, and identify the key decisions needed to forecast and deliver. RSI’s project managers maintain Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications. In addition, our support staff provide expertise with project management tools, such as Microsoft Project and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

RSI’s professionals have the project, industry, and technical experience to support agency strategic and technology planning efforts. Organizations leverage RSI to help with decisions and planning for application hosting, enabling technologies, compliance initiates, legacy system modernization, point solutions, system retirement plans, and more!

RSI’s industry experts and business analysts review data, interview SMEs, and design streamlined business processes cutting across users, taxpayers, and systems. RSI resources apply their hands-on experience to automate processes and decisions, allowing the agency to maximize resource utilization. RSI can also document existing processes and systems to best prepare the organization for modernization projects.

RSI can help organizations articulate project requirements in order to prepare teams to manage the project from procurement through testing. With years of experience clarifying requirements, developing functional and technical designs, and implementing requirements through systems, configurations, and customizations, RSI knows the level of detail needed in requirement descriptions. On project requests for proposals (RFPs), RSI professionals can help subject matter experts organize requirements for an effective vendor response.

As a software provider and integrator, RSI contributes to the full lifecycle of software projects. RSI’s design and development skills include web pages, web applications, data conversions, offline jobs, system interfaces, web services, windows services, reports, business rules, databases, and notices. RSI’s expertise has been developed through decades of experience which includes the creation of our own commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, custom solutions, software configurations, and application integrations. RSI professionals cover a wide range of programming languages and technologies, such as C#, JAVA, COBOL, SQL, Oracle, SSIS, SSRS, FICO Blaze Advisor, and IBM WebSphere.

In today’s environment, solutions rarely maximize their utilization out of the box without both configurations and integration across multiple applications. RSI has a wide range of experience integrating data capture, imaging, registration, customer accounting, revenue accounting, billing, collections, warehouse, and portal systems to automate business processes.

RSI’s data capture and deposit subject matter experts have experience working with imaging solutions and providers to integrate with new and existing applications. Our professionals work with imaging vendors to design, implement, and integrate hardware and software for reading images, including checks, structured documents, and unstructured whitemail. These solutions regularly include OCR/ICR for capture, as well as workflow for document perfection and deposit processing. Imaging implementations often include integration with customer accounting systems and content management systems. RSI’s resources can help coordinate forms designers, imaging vendors, and developers to implement a solution that streamlines data capture, bank deposit processes, and deposit reporting to the general ledger.

The success of any new system depends on accurate data conversion. Without correctly converting the data, systems receive unexpected errors, business processes stall, and users become frustrated. RSI’s dedicated data conversion team analyzes data structures and builds programs to transform and load large amounts of data in a timely manner. Our conversion methodology includes traceability from source to target, several mock conversions, and extensive tests to make sure that your system operates as expected with the converted data.

RSI provides test leads and testers to build testing plans, independently document test scripts, and execute tests against completed configurations. Our team has experience in building automated test scripts and executing performance tests, while our test leads track and report statuses across the phases.

RSI’s industry expertise and experience across multiple technologies allow us to support large production applications. Our maintenance and support services include software configuration management, software upgrades, operations, issue triage, system enhancements, testing, and annual maintenance. Our teams can also support continuous improvement programs by resolving business process bottlenecks through rule adjustments, workflow adjustments, automation, and improved information delivery.

Business Optimization

A thorough review of your current processes can reveal inefficiencies and identify potential opportunities to improve your operations and increase your agency’s revenue generation.

RSI revenue generation studies review current and past programs, business processes, and taxpayer data to develop recommendations for process improvements, resource assignment, and additional compliance initiatives. We focus on improving overall compliance and increasing revenue. Agencies have used RSI revenue generation studies to develop the business cases for modernization projects and to support benefits-based projects.

Data warehouses, particularly those supporting tax and revenue agencies, include a wide range of internally and externally sourced data. RSI’s warehouse team has deep experience with federal, state, county, and city data across business tax, property tax, individual income tax, labor, motor vehicles, customs, and more. Our teams help clients either establish a warehouse, extend a warehouse, or analyze information already available in a warehouse. We have extensive experience with loading new data, adjusting for annual changes, and utilizing the data. Our business intelligence services include experience with refund fraud protection and building effective collection treatment strategies.

RSI delivers assistance to state unemployment insurance agencies by applying expert insight developed through years of experience and industry partnerships. With a particular focus in call center optimization, our team solves challenges raised by evolving program requirements, modernization projects, and rapidly changing technology. RSI’s team of unemployment insurance professionals leverage in-depth knowledge of best practices, lessons learned, technology, and change management with the singular goal of assisting state unemployment agencies to meet and exceed their call center performance standards. Our experts assist by devising training programs, developing job aides, recommending system improvements, assessing analytic metrics, improving call center performance through monitoring and coaching, and creating winning strategies to solve complex issues.

RSI develops and manages refund fraud scoring and collection scoring algorithms. Refund fraud scores utilize current and prior year information to identify questionable refunds which are flagged for further review. Agencies use collection scores to determine the best treatment strategy for underpayments, allowing the agency to maximize the use of available staff. Agencies typically execute scoring algorithms on data warehouses combining internal and external data from several sources.

With deep data warehouse and compliance experience across several clients, RSI professionals have the technical knowledge, industry acumen, and integration experience to help clients implement audit selection, discovery selection, and under-reporter identification programs. RSI experts also have experience implementing enhanced collection programs.

Educational Programs

Successful implementation requires a team who knows a solution like the back of their hand. RSI’s education and training services give your agency the confidence and skills to be able to expertly navigate its new system.

RSI’s professionals develop training plans and materials, and conduct training in the form of either train-the-trainer or direct end user training. Our team also prepares training data, usually in dedicated regions. RSI’s training is usually tailored to both user roles and the configured application. Most include hands-on experience with the configured solution, and trainers can also create job aides as needed. We also facilitate surveys to identify areas of improvement.

Technical solution training builds the skills needed to run and maintain agency systems. RSI utilizes its technical experts, functional experts, and professional trainers to create and deliver technical training. Training often includes a mix of structured sessions and exercises to reinforce what has been learned. A typical program includes software configuration management, data structures, build processes, creating reports, configuring notices, adjusting business rules, modifying tax forms, building extensions, adjusting reference values, submitting migrations, modifying the offline job schedule, debugging, and building interfaces.

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