International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) + International Registration Plan (IRP)

Revenue Premier’s Audit Manager and Workpapers Toolkit make staying compliant with IFTA/IRP requirements simple.

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RSI is devoted to working with agencies to address the complexities of processing motor fuel tax returns and conducting IFTA, IRP, and all other types of audits. Our goal is to provide agencies with measurable efficiency gains through the intelligent use and re-use of data. To us, this involves enhanced collaboration amongst tax processing and audit staff, faster data capture, and a clear, consistent methodology for adhering to IFTA and IRP filing and audit standards.

Revenue Premier is a leading commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that continues to evolve alongside the changing landscape and new challenges related to processing IFTA returns and conducting IFTA/IRP audits.

RSI’s solution offers the opportunity to quickly deploy a working baseline product so that auditors and managers can have immediate hands-on experience with the package. This includes a dedicated solution support center, continuous evolution of the product based on input from clients and industry, and a reliable, trusted partner in RSI.

Key Features


Revenue Premier supports Option 1 for the remittance of IFTA audit revenue (P1060.100, A690.600) and Motor Fuel Tax processing.


A true COTS solution, RSI’s clients are treated to a rapid deployment cycle, a dedicated solution support center, and continued product evolution and maintenance.


With improved efficiency, auditors have access to faster data capture, multi-auditor collaboration, cross-audit sharing of distance data, and an integrated, visual map integration to verify trips/routing.


Revenue Premier gives auditors a clear and consistent methodology so that their work is always compliant with IFTA/IRP auditing standards, their reviews are simplified, and their audit findings are presented clearly and comprehensively.

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Industry Challenge

Our Solution

Revenue Premier’s existing modules come with a variety of features and functionalities that offer a comprehensive, streamlined, end-to-end solution for IFTA, IRP, and motor fuel taxes. RSI’s solution is perfect for processing returns, license applications and renewals, automated transmittals to the IFTA Clearinghouse, and monthly funds netting process.

Within Revenue Premier’s Audit Manager, the Workpapers Toolkit provides a ground-breaking field audit tool that supports parallel completion of IFTA and IRP audits by leveraging shared data. Extensive reporting capabilities allow auditors, supervisors, and taxpayers to review a professional, consistent, and comprehensive presentation of the audit results. RSI also provides consulting services and best practices ranging from Business Process Re-engineering/Improvement (BPR/BPI) to system and process enhancements, all directed towards providing agencies with a significant increase in audit efficiency.


Within the Workpapers Toolkit, auditors have access to:

  • Fleet and/or sample period stratification of error rates and projections
  • Isolated differences by trip leg, fuel receipt, or whole jurisdiction
  • Automatic outlier detection
  • Easy collaboration feature which allows multiple auditors to capture detail data for the same audit
  • Interface/Import of IFTA return and IRP application data 
  • Independent projections of total vs. jurisdictional distance and fuel with balancing
  • Integration with popular mapping software (e.g. PC*Miler & ProMiles) 
  • Easy resolution of gap miles
  • Quick MPG analysis with ability to easily impute fuel
  • Bulk fuel storage gain/loss computations
  • Import of data (e.g. vehicle information, fuel, GPS data) from licensees and taxpayers
  • A completely standalone solution that doesn’t require additional application software or server connectivity
  • An extensive collection of audit findings reports, with fast, simple generation (and re-generation) of the complete audit report stack

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