Revenue Premier® on the Microsoft AzureTM Government Cloud

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Revenue Premier® on the Microsoft AzureTM Government Cloud

Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI) is pleased to offer Revenue Premier® on the Microsoft AzureTM Government cloud, a solution designed to enable revenue agency digital IT transformation, accelerate innovation, achieve stellar performance, and to provide the security capabilities citizens deserve and expect.

Azure Government enables unparalleled flexibility and breakthrough innovation for US government agencies and their partners. Get world-class security, FedRAMP protection, and compliance; modernize your legacy infrastructure to a flexible, hybrid environment; and give your workloads capacity when and where you need it.

As a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) for government, RSI serves as the one-stop, one-handshake, one-number-to-call provider for your agency’s cloud needs. RSI will support your Azure Government cloud implementation from the very outset and will enroll your agency in Azure as a government customer. RSI’s 24×7 support will monitor and maintain service health using Azure tools. Our team is there to empower your success.

RSI believes in data sovereignty and data security. Your agency data, hosted on Azure Government cloud datacenters in the United States, is always available to you, creating the opportunity to build upon the information needed in today’s tax processing world. When you can access, create, and use your data you are empowered to invent new tax solutions needed for tomorrow. Create powerful Azure Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning extensions. Use Azure Analytics for big data to gain and drive agency decisions and to serve taxpayers better. Unleash your data and become powerfully data driven.

In today’s security landscape constant defense is a necessity. Advanced persistent threats constantly attempt to breach your datacenters and to attack your citizens’ information. RSI offers an unmatched security solution with Revenue Premier, designed from its foundations on IRS Publication 1075 security controls and paired with Microsoft Azure Government, tailored especially for US government agencies.

The combination of Revenue Premier and Azure Government create an unmatched solution for taxation and innovation in citizen services. Revenue Premier is currently available on all US Azure Government regions and is primed to release your potential and extend your agency capabilities.

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