Revenue Solutions, Inc. Launches Property Premier To Streamline Workflows for Local Government

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Revenue Solutions, Inc. Launches Property Premier To Streamline Workflows for Local Government

Unveiling of Property Premier™ Coincides with RSI’s 25th Anniversary.

June 11, 2021. Pembroke, MA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a leader in COTS software solutions, in conjunction with its 25th anniversary, today announced Property Premier, a property tax system created and designed for local government agencies. Property Premier™ supports revenue generation through a leading-edge business rules engine that leverages technology to complete complex calculations such as tax deferrals, rollbacks, and special assessments.

“Over the past 25 years, RSI has evolved from providing custom analytics to standardized software solutions – and now delivering a full suite of integrated tax offerings as well as public sector solutions that modernize and enhance government systems,” said Chris Barlow, President and CEO of RSI. “Adding Property Premier to our portfolio will provide our clients with a new tool. One that will continue generating revenue and fund programs for schools, parks, and emergency services.”

Property Premier offers several capabilities to ensure client success and satisfaction.

  • Configurable workflow increases productivity and collections, including delinquency, tax sale, foreclosures, and bankruptcy where users can monitor activity and results with real-time notification and responsiveness.
  • Tax Increment Financing Zones, Tax Reinvestment Zones, Special Assessments, Clean energy calculations, tax credits, and more are all available for configuration to deliver the accuracy in amounts to be collected.
  • An open data model gives access to key data for reporting and sharing within your organization and with outside agencies.
  • Large jobs or high-demand jobs are optimized to improve performance, expanding the production during high volume times.
  • Web-based solution that allows employees to perform their jobs effectively from remote locations.

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About RSI

Revenue Solutions, Inc., known as RSI, provides cutting-edge, fully configurable, tax and compliance software to state, county, and local government and public agencies across North America. As thought leaders with industry-leading expertise, the RSI team designs, develops and implements state-of-the-art tax processing software solutions to streamline government operations and improve citizen services. RSI develops long-term partnerships with their clients through their collaborative, personalized approach to truly understand their clients’ needs to deliver the right solution, i.e., tax processing (income, business, property) or auditing and collections systems. RSI develops transformative technologies designed to grow and evolve with the needs of the government and public agency markets. For more detailed information about RSI and its offerings go to

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