RSI Awarded Contract for the Delaware Division of Revenue, Delinquent Collections Enhancements Project

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RSI Awarded Contract for the Delaware Division of Revenue, Delinquent Collections Enhancements Project

May 14, 2015. Pembroke, MA – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a company that specializes in providing revenue and compliance management products and services to federal, state and municipal government revenue, labor and child support agencies, is pleased to announce a contract in response to the Delaware Division of Revenue (DOR)’s RFP for Delinquent Collections Enhancements. RSI was selected to meet the DOR’s requirement for comprehensive collections and analytical services in an end-to-end data analytics solution, on a system to be hosted by the State.

RSI’s solution will incorporate proven components of RSI’s Revenue Premier® software, along with supporting software components. The new collection strategies that RSI will implement with the DOR will be designed to prioritize accounts and assign actions based on risk and relative probabilities of the effectiveness of any particular collection action. These new capabilities will open up a variety of options for inventory prioritization through the use of analytics and scoring, as well as the implementation of targeted call campaigns through the use of predictive dialer technology. In addition, the solution will improve overall enforced collection actions by making better use of wage, bank, and address information to collect on outstanding debt.

Features of the Delinquent Collection Enhancements solution include the following core functions.

  1. A data analysis foundation to support open access to collections case data and related taxpayer information.
  2. Analytical processes to develop statistically valid and impactful account prioritization “scores” or probabilities that can be used to assign the most effective collection actions.
  3. “Delivery vehicles” for a new prioritized account allocation across collectors that can effectively influence the work that is conducted.
  4. Ad hoc analysis and reporting functionality to track the effectiveness of the new approaches and actions, and assign benefits to the solution over a defined prior level, or “baseline” of productivity.

The Project’s scope includes a three-year contract with three distinct implementation releases within the first year. This award, being done under a benefits-based arrangement, is yet another significant milestone for RSI’s Compliance Management products and services.

About RSI

Incorporated in 1996, RSI’s mission is to streamline government operations and improve citizen services through the delivery of transformative technologies. RSI partners with clients on information technology initiatives to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency and maximize compliance. Federal, State and Municipal government agencies rely on RSI’s extensive expertise in business and technical domains. With a dedicated team of full-time business and information systems consultants and a suite of software solutions, RSI is one of the largest organizations of its kind dedicated exclusively to government agencies, including tax and labor.

Revenue Premier®, RSI’s flagship product, provides an integrated, functional and advanced technical solution to support the processing, tax accounting and compliance functions of a revenue agency. Revenue Premier is comprised of four (4) primary modules – Integrated Tax Processor, Collections Manager, Portfolio Warehouse and Audit Manager. Revenue Premier boasts an open technical design and a set of shared services which provide vast flexibility for reusing services, integrating other products and a variety of supporting technical infrastructure options.

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